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We are looking for art to add to our textile designs. The conversation about motherhood is complicated, and we want to hear your voice (or rather, see your voice, in print, on our bras). If you have a vision for what should be on a bra, we'd love to see it. We're working under tight constraints at the  moment, and are looking for images that can easily be repeated on a textile. 

The Brass Tacks:

Designs need to avoid fine lines and details. No water color effects or high-resolution.

2 colors max.

All artwork should be either .AI or .PSD format, color separated/layered, and at least 300 dpi.

(If any of this is confusing, send us your submission, and if we want to use it, we can work with you to get it in the right format).

All designs used will receive a textile design fee of $350. 

Email or dropbox all questions and submissions to [email protected]


The tone of the image could range from irreverent to inspiring to ferocious to delicate. Wolf Mama is all about the many sides of motherhood, especially the strength and power that is not regularly talked about in the mainstream representations. Your design could remind a mama of her strength, her vulnerability, her fatigue, her joy, the multitudes her body holds, or just that boobs are funny. A few prompts that have been helpful to other designers:

If you were breastfeeding, what would make your day better to look down and see?

What would be a helpful reminder every day as you meet yourself in those early months of post-partum?

What would one like to think of supporting a breastfeeding mom?

Those boobs are food for the future. What do we want them surrounded with? What do we want the future to be fed with/from?

Other themes:
Tough titties Liquid Gold The Golden Girls Florals based on breastfeeding herbs
Galactic/The Milky Way (to create milk, to create galaxies—same thing!)

And we're not limited to any of this. Curse words and irreverence are encouraged, as are reverence and delight.



Our company is named Wolf Mama after the Capitoline Wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus who then founded ancient Rome. One of our touchstones is The Origin of the Milky Way by Rubens.  To find out more: About Us