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We started Wolf Mama to make nursing bras that are relevant to what new motherhood feels like.  We want to make bras that are incredibly comfortable, and that also acknowledge the intense vulnerability and strength of motherhood. On the market, we only saw bras that were blandly utilitarian, or super-sexy. We felt like a lot was missing. And that there were more ways for a bra to support a woman than just holding up her boobs.

Danielle here--owner of some galactic boobs. As a new mom, I didn’t feel utilitarian or sexy—but I did feel incredibly overwhelmed, defeated, and amazed by what my body could do and the hazy, difficult, and badass existence I found myself in as a breastfeeding mom. I wanted a bra that admits that milk shooting out of your boobs is crazy, and also, amazing. That the very nature of all of it is intense and complex and f*cking no joke. 

So, I told Liz about my nursing bra dreams and rages, and Wolf Mama got howling. We also get that breastfeeding isn't for everybody, and aim for our bras to celebrate the work of nurture and the vast experience that can be. For galactic mamas out there, we're hoping to offer a bra that makes you smile when you look down on it as you navigate your crazy universe of babe and milk and new world. That makes you smile when you are bleary and confused and impressed by the powers of your body. In lore, it’s milk that built the world. It’s milk that created the galaxy. The mamas are powerful. And so are their boobs.

Founders, Liz & Danielle